Marquis Spas

We’re proud to offer Marquis Spas to our customers here at Wolter Pools and Spas. Marquis is everything you need in one package: luxury, therapy, and connection.

Marquis is an employee-owned company that’s earned its reputation for innovation, reliability, and high-quality products for more than 35 years. They’ve developed a spa that gives you the ultimate soaking experience: maximum health and relaxation benefits with minimal operational costs and maintenance.

These spas are designed to enhance your life – and the beauty of your backyard, deck, or home.

With numerous innovative features for your convenience and comfort, Marquis Spas offer a lot of choices. Constellation lighting will bathe you in colored lights to further enhance the spa experience and a specially-developed Adagio audio system brings relaxation (or the party) to you.

Looking for even more relaxation? Some spas offer aromatherapy benefits, with an Aroma Infusion system that can relax or invigorate your sense.

Marquis spas are built to last with its solid, exclusive DuraWood construction. known in the industry for their high-quality hot tubs and spas, Marquis Spas are winners of the Spasearch 2015 Certified award.

At Wolter Pools & Spas, we offer a wide selection of Marquis spas from a small 2-3 person Rendevous to the 7-person Euphoria. Visit our showroom to experience yourself if a Marquis spa is right for you. Put our experience to work in helping you decide the next steps of making this “one-stop relaxation” part of your daily life.

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“There’s nothing like sinking into my hot tub at the end of a long day. I couldn’t recommend the staff at Wolter Pools any higher – they go above and beyond to ensure a great experience.”
Jon D.

At Wolter Pools & Spas, we only carry hot tubs and spas built for Wisconsin harsh winters.