Nordic Spas

One of the superior hot tub and spa brands we’re proud to offer is Nordic Hot Tubs. Nordic offers what is considered by many “the best of both worlds”; it’s high-quality at an affordable price. And with over 20 years in business, they’ve got a proven track record of this promise – and the experience to back it up.

One perk we like of a lot about Nordic at Wolter Pools & Spas is its Dual Therapy System. It’s an exclusive form of hydrotherapy that combines high flow water movement with a circular, massaging motion. It allows for maximum relaxation and therapeutic massage benefits – and provides active and passive muscle and joint relief. (Ohhh, it’s nice!)

Nordic is known as one of the five best spas in the world, with accolades including from the Robb Report. It’s easy to install and hand-crafted from some of the world’s finest materials. And with several stylish design options, a Nordic hot tub is a beautiful addition to any backyard oasis.

We offer a wide selection of Nordic Hot Tubs, ranging from 2-person up to 8-person capacity.

With square, round, and a variety of shapes, we can help you find the right spa for any corner of your space.

If Nordic is the right spa for you – we’re sure you will not be disappointed. Stop in our showroom to see Nordic in action. Or, give us a call so we can help get you on the way to ultimate relaxation.


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“With this new spa from Wolter Pools, I might never move out of my parents’ house… it rocks!”
Jackie E.

At Wolter Pools & Spas, we only carry hot tubs and spas built for Wisconsin harsh winters.

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