Swim Spas

Are you looking for a new way to relax – or change up your exercise routine? Consider a swim spa from Wolter Pools & Spas.

Swim spas offer separate areas for swimming and relaxation – yet, in one product.

Looking for the exercise benefits of a pool but want the relaxation benefits of a hot tub… and are limited on either the space or funds to invest in both products? Swim spas are compact and convenient – they’re smaller than a pool but larger than a hot tub, and offer very unique benefits.

It’s the perfect choice for individuals wanting a lot of versatility.

Give us a call or stop by the Wolter’s showroom store to discover if a swim spa is right for you. We would be delighted to help you make the best decision for you!

Top Swim Spa benefits:

  • Easy installation. More like spas or fiberglass swimming pools, installing an in-ground swim spa is fairly quick and easy. Installation is even easier for above-ground spas.
  • Smaller size. Pools are out of the question for some of our customers because of space considerations in their backyards. Swim spas are the perfect in-between step between pools and hot tubs, and they offer many of the same exercise and health benefits that pools do with a significantly smaller footprint.
  • Spa comforts. With massaging hot water jets, swim spas offer the same health and relaxation benefits as hot tubs. From pain relief to improved circulation, you will experience numerous perks for your health and happiness.
  • Pool benefits. Swim spas may be smaller than a typical pool, but it’s still large enough for a family to enjoy the water at the same time. These spas offer similar health and social perks as larger pools do, including increased fitness levels when used for exercise.
  • Simple maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining a swim spa is much easier than taking care of a larger swimming pool – there are a fewer chemicals involved and it takes less time. The fiberglass or acrylic construction of a swim spa is a great addition for easy maintenance because it minimizes algae production.
  • Convenient exercise. Love to swim but hate turning for laps? Then the swim spa is for you. Water jets can be adjusted to push at various speeds, providing a great workout and keeping you in place as you swim against the current. And with the jets off, you can use the swim spa for the same water-based aerobic exercises that you can do in a pool. It’s perfect for all levels of swimmers – from beginner to advanced.
  • One-stop health benefits. Post swimming in the “swim area” of the spa, you can move towards the jets to sooth and massage your muscles – without ever leaving the water. With a swim spa, you get all of the top benefits of a pool and a hot tub/spa in one compact location.
“I’m in the best shape of my life, thanks to my new swim spa from Wolter Pools! Forget the gym – I just have to go steps from my back door!”
Karen L.

At Wolter Pools & Spas, we only carry hot tubs and spas built for Wisconsin harsh winters.

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