Above-Ground Pools

At WPC, we have years of expeirence in servicing above-ground pools of all types. From all shapes and a variety of sizes, our staff is trained to repair and improve your pool. We do not have installation in-house.

Picking an above ground pool puts you on the fast track to summer fun! This flexible style for swimming pools gives you similar fun and health benefits found with in-ground pools, but skips the investment of construction time and space.

Lasting Durability

Resin is the leading material for building beautiful, lasting above ground pools – it’s strong, rustproof, and easily contoured for beautiful design features.

Steel is another staple in the construction of some above-ground pools; it’s been used to build beautiful structures for many decades. The industry is constantly evolving and steel has vastly improved over the years – today’s pools boast new protective finishes and coatings that keep the metal from rusting or degrading over time.

The above ground pools of today are stronger and sturdier than ever before – they are an excellent, long-lasting investment in relaxation and often have impressive warranties to boot.

In the industry, they are often also noted as more energy efficient than in-ground pools, due to their modest surface area and low-powered pumps.

Made in USA

Here at Wolter Pools & Spas, we offer Doughboy pool kits. The company has been in business for almost 70 years and its products are proudly made in America. Beyond the obvious advantages to our economy, having a USA made pool allows us to offer and stock any necessary replacement parts with ease.

This is unlike many competitor pools which are manufactured in China where historically they been made with lesser quality materials… and replacement parts are just simply not available; this makes a Doughboy pool a clear, smart investment.

“My kids love our new swimming pool…and all of their friends do too! We’ve become the go-to spot on the block.”
Becky M.


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