Helo Saunas

Established nearly a century ago, Helo has been a consistent leader in the sauna industry for generations.

At Wolter Pools and Spas, we offer both traditional and infrared Helo Saunas.

Helo Saunas are among the top in the industry for safety, innovation, and health benefits.

All of their products use minimal energy to operate, emit minimal electro and magnetic field (EMF) energy, and use timber from Scandinavia – leaders in timber harvest ecology.

Worldwide Leader in Saunas

Helo Saunas is seeped with a rich tradition and history. The company honors its Finnish roots – namely Finland, where sauna is a way of life.

Touting the world’s top designers to ensure design and product quality meet the highest standards, Helo is focused on developing high-quality products that relax the body and mind to provide ultimate well-being.

Environmentally Conscious

Innovative technology and green-friendly materials are a mainstay of saunas made by Helo. It’s two of the reasons why they are so popular… that and their superiority in quality and safety.

The company complies with all safety regulations and recommendations – and was granted an ISO 9001 certificate for its systems over 15 years ago. They continually work to minimize waste in their production process to ensure the smallest environmental impact.

Interested in exploring the range of Helo Saunas and ready to be thrilled by their design aesthetic (and budget)? The Wolter’s team believes you won’t be disappointed!

Stop by our store showroom or give us a call to discover all that Helo has to offer.

Sauna Maintenance

Have Wolter Pools & Spas do all your sauna maintenance.

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“Sitting in the sauna has brought my wife and I closer than ever; we get to kick back, relax, and reconnect after our busy days. I’d buy one again in a heartbeat!”
Frank C.