Dimension One Spas

Dimension One Spas…ahhhhhhh. It’s one of the superior hot tub and spa brands we’re proud to offer here at Wolter Pools & Spas.

So what makes Dimension One Spas unique? In our industry, they’re known for three things: intuitive operation, environmental friendliness, and water purification. These spas are easy to use, designed to bring you the “best of the best” in terms of convenience, therapy, and comfort.

Dimension One spas are designed to be top in the industry for energy efficiency; the company prioritizes using recycled and natural materials in spa construction. And as for the water – Dimension One has four levels of patented oxygen-based water purification systems to bring the health and relaxation benefits of home spas to a new level.

With nearly 40 years in business, Dimension One Spas is known for their commitment and passion about helping their customers lead a happier, healthier life.

Over the years, they have gathered numerous industry accolades, including the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing, the coveted Spasearch 2014 Certified award, and the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

At Wolter’s we offer a wide variety of Dimension One Spas for your selection: from one-person swim spas to a hot tub big enough to fit your whole clan. Decide for yourself if Dimension One is the spa for you. Visit our showroom store. It’s the first step to a new way of living.


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“What can I say? It’s easy and stress-free when you have a hot tub from Wolter Pools! They handle the upkeep for me every month – I don’t think about anything but relaxing in my new zen.”
Sarah P.

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