In Ground Pools

An in ground pool is the ultimate backyard upgrade: for your enjoyment, for your health, and for visual appeal. These pools can be designed to fit nearly any landscaping imaginable and vary in size depending on your desires and needs.

The pool industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past fifty years we’ve been in business – and how pools are constructed have changed as well. Today, the majority of pools are built of vinyl, fiberglass or a style of concrete called wet shotcrete or Gunite (depending on its application process).

Here at Walter Pools, we build vinyl in ground pools – it’s the most budget friendly option, and it can tolerate our harsh winters. It looks as good as it feels!

Our vinyl-lined swimming pools start with steel walls — the strongest in the industry and they carry a lifetime warranty.

The base of the pool is made from a distinct mixture of vermiculite and cement to allow some moisture flow while not hosting mold growth. The steel wall frame becomes one with the base via concrete footings. A heavy-duty liner is then fastened over the steel frame and masonry coping is installed over the liner.

Pool Size and Shape

Selecting the size and shape of your new in-ground pool is contingent on several decisions: your needs, budget, available space, and design aesthetics. For smaller yards, a swim spa may be the best choice for you. With more space, you have more flexibility – a recreational pool or perhaps a lap pool may be the best choice for your needs.

Recreational pools are typically shallow on one end and deep enough for diving (typically nine to eleven feet in depth) on the other. Lap pools have more consistent depth and are meant primarily for training or exercise – they can even be as long as an Olympic pool (twenty-five meters).

Visit our Gallery to start thinking about what appeals to you and may be right for you…

In our experience, many customers select to stay with the standard rectangular shape and vary the size depending on the space available in the backyard. However, there is a popular unique freeform option where we design a pool that blends well into the backyard landscape and enhances it!


Once the pool is installed and filled, there is minimal maintenance that needs to be done consistently to keep your new oasis safe and enjoyable.

From opening and closing for the season to cleaning and adjusting pH levels, there are many cost-conscious environmentally friendly options – and our expert staff is available to help answer questions or do all the work along the way. Check out our pool maintenance tips.

At Wolter Pools & Spas, we love BioGuard Pool Products. In our opinion, they are best of the best and make adjusting pH levels a snap.

To make pool maintenance even easier, consider installing an automatic pool cover. With just a press of a button on a key switch, your pool is ready. These automatic covers keep the pool clean and offer peace of mind when you are away. Plus, it makes daily maintenance an absolute breeze.

Let’s Get Started

We are here at Wolter Pools to answer your questions, provide an accurate quote, and to discuss pool design options. The cost of in ground pools varies depending on the style and size you desire – and what amenities you add.


To get your oasis started or to get a ballpark budget, give us a call or stop by our showroom store to make an appointment. Put our 50 years of experience to work for you!


Short cuts and tips from the trade -- earned by a half decade of experience.
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“It has been a pleasure working with you guys, I really don’t know what to say! This pool is way more than I even and/or expected. It is way easier to take care of than expected. Your support and services, unmatched! I wish the vendors I work with would take lessons from your company and your people! I thank you very much and my family thanks you very much”
Steven P.
“The decision to put an in-ground pool in our backyard is, without a doubt, the best decision we’ve ever made! It’s taken our landscape to the next level and I love spending summer nights in the pool.”
Sam B.

Pool Maintenance

Have Wolter Pools & Spas do all your pool maintenance all season long.

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