Pool Toys and Accessories

Toys, toys, and more toys!

Wolter Pools & Spas is a treasure trove for all the fun and accessories you need to take your pool and spa experiences to the next level.

With a full line of toys, accessories, and summer essentials selected from seven of the best manufacturers in the industry, you can be assured that we only carry the “best of the best” items for our customers. The variety and quality of what we stock is sure to excite your imagination and please your wallet.

With inflatables for the whole family (from infants to adults) to paddle paws for Fido, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this summer.

For those who like to stay active, we have floating basketball and volleyball games, goggles and masks, on-deck basketball and more. For those looking to relax, we’ve got a full selection of inflatable coolers for those hot summer days.
To see our full selection of water fun enhancers, stop by our showroom store. For a sneak peek, here are some of our current favorites!