Hot Tub/Sauna Maintenance

Why spend extra time maintaining your oasis when you could spend that time enjoying it? We invite you to entrust maintenance to the expert service team at Wolter Pools & Spas.

Hot Tub Maintenance Inclusions

On a spa service visit, our expert team will test the water on-site and add any necessary chemicals to upgrade your spa experience. They’ll also bring a water sample back to the store for further analysis to ensure you’re having the safest, most enjoyable hot tub experience possible.

While on site, they will wipe down the spa exterior, shell, and both sides of the cover with a unique cleanser that protects your oasis from UV degradation from the sun. Additionally, they will inspect the equipment for any leaks or issues and fill out a detailed logbook, where no detail is too small and nothing is overlooked.

Our service route has been specifically designed with you in mind: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service visits make taking care of your spa a breeze.

When Wolter Pools & Spas does your hot tub maintenance, you can make the most of your leisure time. When Wolter’s does the maintenance, there is no second guessing on what makes a perfect spa experience.

Set up your first maintenance appointment today by calling our showroom or stopping by the store in person.


DIY Sauna Maintenance

A sauna is the perfect low-maintenance choice for an oasis. In fact, they are nearly maintenance free! We recommend that you clean them with a natural wood and glass cleaner made by Sunlighten, using a sanding sponge and a microfiber cloth.

Never clean a sauna while it’s still hot – it may cause the cleanser to leave streaks on the wood or on the glass. Saunas should always be cleaned when they are cool.

You can pick up your sauna care products direct from Wolter Pools & Spas. Keep in mind a lot of cleaners have chemicals in them that are not optimal for cleaning this style of oasis – in fact, some may “off gas” and become toxic when the sauna is heated.

To find the right products for your sauna care, and to discuss cleansing options more fully, please give us a call or stop in our showroom for more information.


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“What can I say? It’s easy and stress-free when you have a hot tub from Wolter Pools! They handle the upkeep for me every month – I don’t think about anything but relaxing in my new zen.”
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