Covana Hot Tub Cover

Wolter Pools and Spas is proud to bring to you the newest and most technologically advanced hot tub cover on the market! The Covana hot tub cover system is a four season gazebo as well as a spa cover that can be raised and lowered with a key switch. The system allows for the most secure hot tub cover on the market! Protecting you against intruders and keeping your children safe.

The covana comes in four configurations to fit almost any hot tub need. The Oasis is compatible with most tubs from 84″-93″, the Evolution is compatible with most spas 7′-8’11”, the Horizon is compatible with most spas 81″-93″ and the Legend is compatible with most swim spas from 12′-20′.

Covana offers a system for almost every spa out there. The LEGEND cover allows you to maximize your view from your swim spa. No longer do you have to worry about your cover blocking your view on the ends of the spa, this system allows for maximum enjoyment and efficiency!

  • Fully automated , Raised and lowered via a key switch

  • 2-IN-1 , Both a spa cover and a gazebo

  • Privacy, Optional retractable screens

  • Energy efficient, Twice as much insulating value as a standard hot tub cover

  • Durability, Will last the life of your spa

  • Simplicity, Compatible with all brands of spas and requires only 110 volts/15 amp



Available for hot tubs with a flat surface from 84″-93″



Evolution cover is compatible with square tubs 7′-8′, rectangle tubs 8’x9′ to 8’x11′, or round tubs up to 8′ in diameter



Compatible with most spas with two different versions available. (L) for square spas up to 81″x83″ or round spas up to 81″ diameter or (XL) for square spas uup to 93″x95″ or round spas up to 93″ diameter



The legend is available to cover swim spas from 12′ to 20′