Swimming Pools

Using a system is an easy way to keep your pool looking and feeling its best! BioGuard products are specifically manufactured to work together in synergy. By using a water balancing system, you are developing a schedule of products to add at specific times during the week. This consistency will increase the longevity of your pool, and the quality of your health and enjoyment.
Simply put, free chlorine is the “good stuff.” It’s the chlorine in the pool actively killing bacteria. Total chlorine is the chlorine in the pool that’s locked up by organic debris and thus cannot kill bacteria. When a pool is properly sanitized, the numbers for free and total chlorine should always be the same number – a proper range for a free chlorine residual is 1-4 ppm.
There may be an issue with the pH level in your pool. The pH of human eyes (and what is most comfortable for skin contact) is between 7.4 and 7.6 – anything outside this range will irritate the eyes. But don’t fear! Fixing the issue is relatively simple. Start by bringing a water sample to our showroom so we can run a free water test and then you’ll be able to optimize your swimming experience. BioGuard has several products to help adjust pH levels. We can find the best fit for your pool.
If you have a fiberglass or concrete pool, it should be fine to let Fido in for a dip! Just be sure to increase the chemicals used for sanitation – one dog in the pool is equivalent of 50 people using the pool. Since dogs don’t bathe as often as humans, there is a considerable amount more dust, dirt, and fecal matter to sanitize. We don’t recommend that Fido swims in a vinyl lined pool – its paws could tear holes in the liner.
In short, NO! We know it’s tempting to use what seems like a quick fix at the start of the season because you want to get back into the pool and start having fun. But you should never drain your pool, under any circumstances. The water pressure against the pool walls is what keeps the liner in place, and if water is removed, the vinyl will pull away from the sides. The liner weakens over time from chemicals and sun exposure – if the pool’s been in place for a while, the liner will be highly inelastic. Removing the water is more than likely going to result in tearing or wrinkling your liner permanently. Instead, give us a call. We’re happy to send an expert service team out to properly drain your pool, or perform maintenance necessary to get your oasis back to “tip top” shape.
Not necessarily. If you have a solid winter cover – the type that doesn’t allow water through to your pool – and you’ve had a lot of snow and ice collect on the cover over our cold winter, the water underneath the cover will not freeze solid. Instead, as the frozen water on top of the cover weighs down on the pool water, the water inside the pool is displaced, pushing up on the inside walls of the pool liner and going up onto the deck. With a snow-covered deck, most people don’t even notice the excess water. When you notice this lower level of water, we recommend putting the garden hose under the cover and raising the water level back up in the pool. It’s easier to remove the cover in the spring so you can monitor it and see if it goes down again. If it doesn’t, it was just displacement and you have nothing to worry about!
The best way to test your water is to use a clean water sample bottle – we sell them for a dollar in the store for your convenience! If you don’t have a bottle, you can ask for one on your next visit – or a clean, sandwich-size bag full of water will work in a pinch.

Spas and Hot Tubs

No. We recommend that you place your new spa on a level surface, like a cement pad, concrete pavers, or a spa pad. When a spa is filled with water, it can weigh as much as 2,500 pounds for a 250-gallon spa. As it rains and snows, settling occurs in the yard and – if a spa is not placed on a solid level surface – the spa can sink and become uneven. This stress will eventually warp the shell and limit the lifetime of your spa or hot tub.
Hard water continues to be the biggest challenge for customers in our area as it can cause scaling in your spa. To avoid and manage this challenge, we recommend a system that involves a sanitizer, stain and scale control, pH decreaser, and a shock. The best way to determine which products are necessary for your spa is to bring in a water sample – that way you’re only purchasing what you need for the optimal experience.
No! These products were designed for use in bathtubs without jets. They are not chemically balanced for spa use and will destroy the chemistry in your spa, as well as damage the equipment itself. If you’re looking to add something new to your spa experience, we do carry several water enhancers and fragrances that are chemically balanced and specifically designed for spa use.
This is an individual decision and should be made with your doctor, since it is often contingent on your health and what is safe for small children. As a rule, spas have a high limit set at 104 degrees – this is the highest you should keep your spa.
We recommend that you drain your spa every season – or three months – on average. To develop a draining schedule personalized to you, bring in a water sample. The analysis of this sample, as well as knowledge on how often the spa is used and by how many people, will inform and develop the right schedule for your spa.
We know how frustrating it can be when foam gets in the spa. BioGuard makes an anti-foam product that eliminates foam from the surface, which we highly recommend at Wolter Pools. If foam continues to be an issue, we recommend you troubleshoot by looking at swimsuits washed in laundry detergent, and dirty cartridge elements.

20 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a New Hot Tub or Spa

Are you looking to purchase a new hot tub?

Look no further… Wolter Pool Company has what you need! If you’re new to the process, check out these questions to ask yourself and your spa dealer. At Wolter Pool Company, we understand how important it is for our customers to have all the information before buying a spa. We want you to make an informed decision and be happy with the end result. Our commitment is to the customer—making sure you get the product that best suits your needs and desires.

We want you to make an informed decision and, courtesy of Spasearch Magazine, we have a list of important questions that every consumer should ask. Don’t be afraid to print out the questions and take them to every spa dealer you visit. (We’ve filled in our answers!)

When you are done shopping, come and see us. At Wolter Pools & Spas, you get so much more than just straight answers!


1) What does the cost of my spa include? Will I need to pay extra for the cover, steps, chemicals, and accessories?

Wolter’s answer: It depends on your purchase. Wolter Pools & Spas runs promotions that include many of the accessories you will need when you enjoy your hot tub. All of our specials are clearly posted next to every spa on the floor. Our consultants are there to help explain what exactly is included with each purchase.

2) Does my installation include delivery and setup?

Wolter’s answer: Yes. Our friendly staff at Wolter Pools & Spas will be there to help you every step of the way! When you’re getting ready to purchase your spa, we will discuss delivery options in-depth and might recommend a site inspection. It’s important to ensure that your site is suitable for a hot tub before delivery and setup. In addition to delivery, we provide free initial water testing and instruction on how to take care of your spa.

3) Do I need special plumbing for my hot tub?

Wolter’s answer: No; our spas are all portable and self-contained. You fill them with a hose and drain them with a hose connected to the drain plug.

4) How much will this spa add to my utility bills?

Wolter’s answer: Every spa is different. For an average spa, you can expect to pay $30-$50 extra per month on your electric bills. However, energy efficient spas help save energy and related costs over time. Check out our energy efficient spa options.

Warranty and Service

5) What customer service do you offer after the sale?

Wolter’s answer: Everything! We service our own spas, and we provide anything you need to enjoy them — chemicals, accessories, towel racks, tables, spa fragrance, cartridges, and so much more! If we don’t have what you need, we’ll find it for you.

6) Is the equipment easily accessible for service?

Wolter’s answer: Yes; our spas are self-contained with easy access doors and fully removable panels. Our service team is well-versed on each type of spa we sell, but if you prefer to maintain the spa yourself, we make it easy to do so!

7) What exclusions do you have in your warranty?

Wolter’s answer: In general, very little. Before purchase, we go over a copy of the warranty with you so you know just what’s included. Dimension One, one of our spa brands, has one of the best warranties in the industry.

8) If I have a warranty problem, will you service the spa, or do I need to call the manufacturer?

Wolter’s answer: No need to call the manufacturer — we service everything we sell!

9) How long have you been carrying this spa brand? Why did you decide to carry it? How long have you been in business?

Wolter’s answer: We’ve been in business for over 50 years. It’s been nearly 20 years since we became a Dimension One Spa dealer. (The brand boasts one of the best warranties in the industry and has impressive quality and customer service.) As for Nordic Spas, we’ve been an official dealer 10+ years, and we’ve just started our relationship with Marquis – which we’re thrilled about!

My Property

10) Do I need to worry about municipal codes when installing my hot tub?

Wolter’s answer: Yes, sometimes. If you have questions, we have a complete list of municipal codes for our area. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, be sure to check those by-laws as well.

11) Do you conduct an in-home site inspection for spa placement?

Wolter’s answer: Yes. This is based on the customer’s needs. We do not require a site inspection before delivery and setup but are happy to do one. An in-home site inspection helps eliminate any questions and bring up any potential problems beforehand, making for a smooth deliver and setup process.

12) Who is responsible for any damage to the access area in the house or the neighbor’s property during the spa installation?

Wolter’s answer: We are. Our installation process is efficient and our staff is so careful, we guarantee that we will fix anything we break. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we take care of it.

13) On what type of surface should my spa be placed?

Wolter’s answer: When looking for the perfect place for your spa, check off these three requirements: level, clean, and sturdy. Concrete, wood decks, or patio blocks work great. If you’re not sure whether you have the proper surface, ask us about an in-home site inspection. We’ll let you know if you’re ready to go or need to make any changes.

14) What are the electrical requirements for my spa?

Wolter’s answer: This depends on the spa. Before purchase, we go over any requirements with you. We want to be sure you understand the demands of your spa. If you need an electrician, we know a great one that we frequently recommend.


15) Can I use pool chemicals in the spa?

Wolter’s answer: No. You need to use spa chemicals for maintenance. Bioguard makes a special line of chemicals for your spa, and we have whatever you need.

16) What safety features come with the spa?

Wolter’s answer: Every spa is a little different, but there are a few standard safety features for each one. In general, your spa will come with a hard insulated safety cover with locks, freeze protection, molded hand holds, water management system, and much more. Dimension One also offers the patented I-Watch system which monitors the spa for any problems. We also offer the EZ Lifter cover lift, which makes opening the cover a breeze!

17) How noisy is the spa when it runs full speed with the blower on?

Wolter’s answer: We pride ourselves on selling spas that provide a relaxing experience. The specific noise level depends on each spa. Dimension One uses Sta-Rite HydraMax pumps and Laing Circulation Pumps for efficiency and tranquility. We have at least two running on the showroom floor all the time. If you’re worried about noise or want to hear them in action, come and check them out for yourself!

18) If the equipment UL and NSF approved?

Wolter’s answer: YES. Products that are UL-approved carry the “UL Listed” mark and have passed government-regulated safety tests performed by Underwriters Laboratories. The mark is most often seen on electrical equipment to show that it meets the required safety standards.

19) What can I expect during freezing and thawing conditions?

Wolter’s answer: To enjoy your spa problem free! Not every spa dealer supplies spas that are meant for our Wisconsin winters. We’re different. We understand that winter in the Midwest can be harsh, and our spas are built to withstand extreme cold temperatures.

20) What type of insulation does the spa have?

Wolter’s answer: We offer a variety of insulation types, including partial or full foam. You can be sure that we will recommend the insulation your spa needs to function in tip-top shape all year.