Staff Experts

Tom LarsonPresident
Tom is our fearless leader and president of Wolter Pools & Spas. He started working summers at Wolter’s back in 1985 while still in college at UW-La Crosse. After graduating, he continued working in the pool industry but with Sta-Rite: building and designing leading products still used today. In 2005 Tom returned to Wolter’s and assumed the presidency. In 2016 official ownership of Wolter Pool Co. changed to a partnership between Tom and Kim Wolter. They’re a remarkable dream team with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and vision to make backyard dreams a reality.
Kim WolterVice President
Growing up in the family business, Kim learned the “best of the best” in waterplay knowledge and customer service from her parents. With more than 30+ years of industry schooling through American Pool and Spa Professionals and Bio Lab Inc, Kim loves to help customers select the best pool, spa, or sauna for their needs. She looks forward to each season starting so she can reconnect with her customers – many of which have become dear friends. Kim’s our resident problem-solver: when a customer comes in with a challenge, she’s the first on deck to find a repair part, balance the water, or ease the concern. The faster she makes the customer smile, the happier it makes her!

Our Founders

Russ and Pat Wolter
Russ and Pat Wolter started Wolter Pools and Spas in their backyard in 1965. Russ and Pat knew that to make a successful business you had to offer a great product and even better service. They were laser focused on accomplishing just that. Russ was the knowledgeable hard working guy in your back yard building your pool or even servicing your hot tub and Pat was the friendly smiling face you saw whenever you entered their store. Russ and Pat always made their customers as well as their employees feel like they were family. That is part of the reason the business is still here to this day, over 50 years and counting.

Wolter Pools & Spas is proud of its humble beginnings more than 50 years ago

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Our Valuable Team Members & Pool Experts

Brian is a customer-turned-staff member here at Wolter Pools. In 2013 he joined the team and we’re thrilled to have him as part of our “extended family.” Brian is one of our go-to guys when it comes to pools: he’s been trained at Doughboy University about our pools, has Pentair training on equipment, and goes onsite with every pool dig. He even installs pool covers, and goes to seminars to learn the chemistry of how to make our pools last longer and always look their best. Brian is dedicated to figuring out how everything works – and that attitude is truly infectious.

Nancy is the newest member of our team. She has a great personality and is always one of the first people to ask if you need any help. She has taken all of the online training over the winter months and has passed all the tests with flying colors. She will gladly help you with any chemical questions that you may have. Nancy is also our resident baker. If you are lucky enough to stop in on a day that she has been baking, she loves to share!

Chris has helped out as a sales associate with our team since 1989. As a full-time teacher during the school year at Williams Bay High School, we are truly blessed to have her come back and work with us every summer during the peak season. She is charming and extremely outgoing – and always brings a zest for life (and candy!) to the team. As a water care specialist, Chris has attended Bioguard Chemical College classes and is prepared to answer any questions you may have. Everyone on our team wants to work when Chris is on the clock… which speaks volumes to her personality and charisma. Come on in, we’re sure you’ll love her as much as we do!
Michelle is a customer-turned-staff-expert. She works with children as a teacher’s aide for the Turner school district during the school year, and in the summer she returns to Wolter Pools & Spas to offer the best customer service possible. Michele has a first-hand knowledge on the products we offer – and how to maintain them with ease – since she has her own pool and spa at home.

Meet Jordy

Jordy is the heart of the Wolter Pools & Spas family! A Teddy Bear in looks and personality, Jordy is a Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise mix – and he’s our most popular employee. When Kim adopted him in 2012, she brought him to work and left him behind the counter so she could train him and care for him between customers. Soon, he won the hearts of our customers and he became a fixture on our counter – which Jordy decided was a pretty cool place to be and has stayed there ever since. (He loves all the attention he gets when he’s up there!) Jordy is our official greeter – he calms customers after a long day, plays with the kids coming in with their parents, and makes every day at Wolter Pools a blessing. He’s pretty opinionated too – he knows good quality when he sniffs it…so check out Jordy’s latest favorites below!