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Taking the leap and purchasing a hot tub or spa is a big decision – but your health and emotional well-being will thank you.

Aside from being a relaxing break from the “go, go, go” nature of our culture, the jets can soothe aches and pains, help heal sports injuries, and so much more:

  • Whether you struggle with chronic pain or the occasional backache, there are numerous benefits of soaking in the hot tub to relieve your joints and aches. In spending just 20 minutes in the warm water, hot tub users find enormous pressure taken off the joints and increased flexibility – and the relief lasts even after exiting the tub.
  • A warm water soak is an ancient form of alternate therapy; it’s worked to relieve chronic pain (like arthritis and fibromyalgia) for centuries. Why? The answer is simple: soaking in a hot tub reduces the force of gravity that compresses the joints in pain and offers 360-degree support for sore limbs. It also can decrease swelling and inflammation while increasing circulation.
  • There is new research that suggests hot tub therapy can help lower blood sugar and overall weight in people with type 2 diabetes. These studies are still in their early stages, so as always – check with a medical professional before changing treatment or trying something new.
  • With the jets turned on, sitting in a hot tub has a combination of benefits: a massage and a warm bath, two of the best stress relievers. Struggling with stress creates numerous problems for a person’s mental and physical health, including muscle tension, anger outbursts, restlessness, and increased anxiety. Using a hot tub can help mitigate these issues and return you to a happier, healthier mental, emotional, and physical space.
  • Suffering from a cold or the flu, or simply feeling run-down is not enjoyable – and soaking in a hot tub might be the answer you’ve been searching for. Studies suggest that an elevated body temperature, like one obtained by using a hot tub, triggers a stronger response from the human immune system. This response has the potential to help users recover from symptoms faster, and the steam from the hot tub can help clear nasal passages.
  • Hot tubs can relieve stress, which can help people sleep better. Additionally, using a hot tub can also improve sleep quality in a more direct way: a steep drop in body temperature is connected with triggering deep sleep. After you raise your body temperature relaxing in a hot tub, you cool off rapidly upon exit. This shift in temperature prepares your body for a full, restful night of sleep.
  • As the body temperature rises when you relax in a hot tub, your blood vessel will dilate. This dilation improves circulation, particularly to extremities like hands and feet; it particularly can help people with arthritis experience better movement and less pain in their joints. For all users, a regular soak can have you feeling invigorated and improves both lung and heart health.
  • Outside of relaxation, soaking in a spa or hot tub stimulates exercise – it increases the heart rate, but doesn’t increase blood pressure. Studies suggest that there is a decrease in blood pressure for regular spa users; regular soaks can provide some of the same health benefits of regular exercise with less stress on the heart.

Want to learn more about the health benefits of spas and hot tubs? The Wolter’s team of staff experts is anxious to share their knowledge… and show you our wide selection of choices! Visit our store showroom today.

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